Gear Up For Autumn: The Leovici Fall Capsule

Now that spring has passed you are probably ready for a wardrobe change. At Leovici, we are excited to announce the release our 2021 Fall Capsule.

The capsule is our apparel collection designed for autumn weather and colder temperatures. The capsule includes the familiar Drop Cut T-Shirt in an all new color, a few Leovici beanies, and Leovici’s first take on a hooded jacket. Continue reading below to learn more about our new products, or feel free to skip right to the capsule in our shop!


One of our best selling products is our Drop Cut T-Shirt. This product was once only available in Dusty Pink, Olive, White, and Black. However, to properly welcome the Fall season we thought it was necessary to give you the option of rocking the drop cut in a brand new color: deep maroon.

The 2021 Fall Capsule also includes two other t-shirt styles. Rounding out the autumn t-shirt collection are the Box Cut T-Shirt in slate, and a brand new Mini Logo T-Shirt. All of these t-shirts are designed in true Leovici style: balancing luxury and performance with an emphasis on versatility.


Let’s face it. Beanies are not just for fall and winter anymore. Though, as colder temperatures start to become more prevalent we will surely see more and more beanies out and about. If you are looking to add this seasonal trend to your fall wardrobe, you can check out our Leovici beanie. The product is available in ivory, grey, and black.


The Hooded Anorak Jacket is designed to get you primed and ready for whatever the day holds. Rain, wind, a drop in temperature, it doesn’t matter. The Leovici Anorak can take it all. The jacket is also special simply for the fact that so few were made. In total, we only produced 50 individual jackets, making it a true limited edition item.

The limited edition anorak is manufactured using crinkle woven fabric that helps keep the jacket lightweight and comfortable. In addition, this crinkle woven fabric is lined with an additional sweat-wicking mesh to help keep you dry inside and out.

The Hooded Anorak Jacket is a special item for us. Not only is it a limited edition product, with only 50 being made, but it also symbolizes our continued effort to produce luxury sportswear that challenges what is possible.


At Leovici we are focused on keeping you geared up for every season. The fall capsule is our response to autumn, but be on the lookout for what we do next. We have big things planned for Winter 2021 and Spring 2022!