We teamed up with Seattle Mariners shortstop JP Crawford to create a one of a kind collection to honor the legacy of Jackie Robinson.

All profits from this collaboration were donated to BaseballGenerations Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides expert-level baseball instruction, mentorship, life skills training and youth development in a way that is accessible to South LA youth.​

Statement from JP Crawford...

What does the number 42 mean to you?

The number 42 means everything to me. Without the legacy of Jackie Robinson I probably wouldn’t have been born. He broke barriers that were larger than baseball. 

How does the legacy of the number 42 impact your personal and professional life? 

I have been deeply affected by Robinson’s courage and work ethic. He took on so much hate and hostility and was able to work through it and take care of business on the field. The character traits that he demonstrated are things that I try to implement into my personal and professional life.

How would you describe your personal style?

I have never been flashy. For me, style is more about the fit and feel of whatever it is I’m wearing. I am most confident in something that fits my body properly and something that is versatile enough for me to wear again and again. You can see my style come to life in the pieces that we designed in this collaboration.

How did your style impact your design decisions for this collection?


We took a minimalistic approach in designing each of these silhouettes because we wanted to make the number 42 the sole focus of the entire project. We also wanted to create something that would allow wearers to honor the legacy of the number 42 on a daily basis. The idea was to create luxurious basics featuring the number 42 that could be worn to any type of outing. I knew that I wanted nothing other than the 42 on the chest so the major design decisions came down to the fabric and the fit. We landed on a super soft and durable cotton that provides a hybrid feel – between traditional cotton and performance material. We also developed a custom athletic fit for the 42 T-Shirt, tailored just the right amount in the arms and waistline.


Another way I wanted to honor the legacy of Jackie Robinson was to create classic wool baseball caps. The concept was to provide a ball cap with a feel that would have been common to his era. We landed on two different wool herringbone colorways that I fell in love with. We also gave the wool caps modern trimmings, giving the classic wool ball cap a modern twist. We finished these caps off with a bold 42 embroidery in white right on the center of the front panel. A major goal with the caps was to create an eye catching silhouette while maintaining our minimalist design approach and honoring the inspiration of the project – the number 42. I think we accomplished all of that with these two caps.