Core ideology


// To inspire the Champion Spirit in individuals so they can relentlessly chase their next challenge.



We accomplish this by creating the highest quality clothing in the world. Through our fabric, fit, and utility, we are the best in the world at what we do and literally make people more confident and comfortable in their own skin.


We accomplish this by regularly collaborating with athletes and celebrities on charitable collaboration campaigns. We give our profits from these collaborations to the charity of the collaborator's choice, allowing us to support a wide range of important causes.


This Core Value is meant to reflect our dedication to developing a raving community of employees and
customers. Leovici is more than a brand, it is a community, a family, and a team of individuals with aligned goals and values. We embrace the tribal mentality often seen within sports teams and apply it to all of our employees and customers. The Leovici team always comes first, and we always take care of our own.


This Core Value is meant to reflect our commitment to our team. We treat each and every member of the Leovici team like a family member. With every purchase, we literally add more value than the customer has paid for. This includes useful promotional items such as custom AirPods, useful packaging such as a custom tote bag, or actual clothing that the customer receives for free. Leovici customers always get more than they pay for. In terms of customer service, we will always go above and beyond what is asked of us to ensure our team members are taken care of.


An experience exists that is universal to all humans. This experience is marked by a feeling of pure alignment with an endeavor, a subdued period of self-consciousness, and a deep enjoyment in the process. It is known to artists as flow, to athletes as the zone, and to runners as the high. Regardless of what we call it, we have all experienced times in our lives where we became fully absorbed in an activity and felt a distinct sense of purpose. These are the moments when we perform at our best and when we truly become alive.

Inspired by this unique experience, Leovici was founded to integrate the sportsman's mindset as an approach to all life pursuits. In life, we will always be pursuing another goal, exploring another path, and forcing new doors open. We see challenges not as hurdles that obstruct our path, but as exercises that train us to be more resilient, strong, and durable for an increasingly vibrant future. Whether we are up or down at any given moment, the Champion Spirit represents the ability to bring the same intensity and relentless energy to every situation; to find the zone and stay there.