Details matter.

At least for Brent Wheatley, a former professional baseball player who created the LEOVICI brand with the same exacting precision he used to prepare for big games.

Drawing from concepts of minimalism, function, and form fit, LEOVICI is breaking new ground, occupying its own space as it combines high fashion and premium athletic apparel.

While the brand itself is young — the first collection launched in 2019 — its roots in the industry are three generations deep.  Wheatley’s grandfather was on the original board of Nike. His dad was a co-owner of Travis Mathew.

Now Brent is carving out his own voice, developing a unique line that harnesses the comfort of sportswear while commanding the respect of designer clothing. He creates luxury-quality, small-batch, versatile pieces that can be worn anywhere, meant to toe the line between fashion and utility.

Dedicated to creating everything in the US and collaborating with local artisans, nothing is overlooked, and every stitch matters. These values are in the name itself. LEO meaning lion, VICI the Latin word for “I conquer.” Together they represent the beauty of bold simplicity, power through confidence, and earned success.

LEOVICI isn’t meant for everyone. It’s clothing for those who approach the world with intention. Who value strength and poise over flash. Who exudes calm and controlled swagger, moving between boardrooms and ballfields and time spent with family with a shared belief that above all else — details matter.