3 Spring Fashion Trends You Will Want to Rock This Season

Spring is right around the corner and that means that it is time for… Baseball! Well, yes, but it also means new fashion trends will be emerging to adapt to the warmer climate and the changing hues of the season. After a deep hibernation through the winter, more and more new changes will be trending both on and off the field. Since we know you are probably busy anticipating and keeping track of opening day (April 1st), we figured we could step in and do our part to help you keep track of the latest styles. Here are the three biggest fashion trends we anticipate will make a splash this spring!

A Revamped Pastel Color Scheme

Pastel colors have always been closely tied to the spring season, so it is not a lofty prediction to expect them to be on the rise this spring season as well. However, this year we do expect that new renditions of old pastel hues will be popping up all over the place. We have even designed several of our own products with a color scheme that is perfect for bringing in the spring season.

Our Drop Cut T-Shirt in Dusty Pink, and our Lightweight Hoodie in Smoke provide a refreshing take on the pastel color scheme. These hues are versatile enough for everyday life and for going out on a Saturday night.

Drop Cut T-Shirts & Light Outerwear

Since we already started to mention it, it’s the perfect time to talk about the next fashion trend we expect to see on the rise this spring season: drop cut t-shirts and light outerwear. Drop cut t-shirts have been on the rise lately and as temperatures begin to warm we expect these t-shirts to continue to trend upward.

We have already mentioned that our Drop Cut T-Shirts are perfect for the spring season because they are offered in a variety of stylish hues, but they are also exceptional at pulling off a stylish look on larger men and those who like to opt for a layered look. We also expect to see more and more individuals rocking light outerwear as temperatures fluctuate between winter and summer extremes. Our Lightweight Hoodie will certainly be leading the charge. 

The Rise of Athleisure

The final fashion trend we expect to see surging this spring is athleisure. This has always been our sweet spot. Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to providing fashionable clothing to be worn off the field that fits just as solid as a tailored jersey worn on the mound. Recently, we also released our brand new Performance Cap, which fits well with any casual outfit.

New Season, New Trends

Those are the three fashion trends we expect to see a lot of this spring, and we are doing our due diligence to produce several products that will keep you on top of the latest styles. From the beginning we promised to keep you in the loop, and whether it is with our Drop Cut T-Shirt in Dusty Pink or our Performance Cap we look to make good on our promise. Enjoy your time in the spring weather and we will see you at the game!