The Number One T-Shirt Solution for Tall Guys

Drop cut t-shirts. That’s right. No lead in, just the solution. Finding t-shirts that are stylish enough to wear out in a casual setting can be tough enough already, and if you are a taller guy then you probably have experienced even more trouble over the years trying to find a t-shirt that fits you right. Most t-shirts are not tailored to taller guys, and the average shirt normally ends up being too short in the shoulders or riding up along the waist. When it comes to t-shirts, tall guys just don’t get paid enough attention.

Well, today that all changes. If you are a taller man this article is for you, and your number one t-shirt solution is the drop cut t-shirt. Here is why!

The Design of the Drop Cut T-Shirt

The design of the drop cut t-shirt is one that dates back several decades ago when the fanciest dress suits had tails. Over the years, this style of having a longer piece of fabric towards the back of a garment has jumped from horseback riding gear to dress suits to today’s drop cut t-shirt. The best drop cut t-shirts are designed to fit well to an athletic body. If you are a taller man you can take advantage of the fact that the shirt is designed with an elongated hem to fit lower on people of average height. This means the drop cut t-shirt won't ride up and it will look great on you!

The Versatility of the Drop Cut T-Shirt

The drop cut t-shirt is also the perfect t-shirt solution for tall guys, because of the versatility it can offer.  A drop cut t-shirt can be worn in a variety of ways including as a part of a layered look. In addition to the various style options, a luxury drop cut t-shirt can also be worn in a variety of environments including during your everyday life and when you decide to step out for the night.

The Best Drop Cut T-Shirt You Can Buy

It goes without saying that we may be a little biased. But, we honestly believe that our drop cut t-shirt is the best drop cut t-shirt on the market. Not only is our drop cut t-shirt manufactured using 90% luxury MicroModal and 10% spandex, but we also offer the product in a variety of great colors. Right now our Drop Cut T-Shirt is offered in olive, dusty pink, white, and black. If you are a taller guy who has been looking for a t-shirt solution for some time you will rejoice when you first try on our Drop Cut!

The T-Shirt Solution

For men, t-shirts have been a wardrobe staple for years. However, tall guys are continually overlooked when it comes to t-shirt manufacturing. Not here at Leovici. We have you covered. The perfect solution to all of your t-shirt problems is our Drop Cut T-Shirt. Pick up one today, and stop worrying about trying to find a t-shirt that fits you!