How To Take Your Layered Look to the Next Level

Layered looks have been in style for men for some time now, and it seems they are here to stay. After all, it's understandable why they are so popular. Layered looks don’t just offer extra warmth when temperatures are not staggeringly hot, but they also are stylish and versatile. Below we will explore options to create the perfect layered fit that you can wear during your daily life or out on the town!

Drop Cut T-Shirt

When it comes to a layered look the best fits include a drop cut t-shirt. These t-shirts are designed to provide fitted performance as well as a touch of style. The longer tail on a drop cut t-shirt will provide a touch of color under the outwear choices you make. Our Drop Cut T-Shirts are available in colors such as dusty pink, olive, white, and black.

Pullover or Lightweight Hoodie

To round out the upper body portion of your layered look you will want to adorn a pullover or lightweight hoodie in addition to your drop cut t-shirt. Stylish options such as a lightweight hoodie or pullover are perfect when it comes to pulling off the layered look.

As we approach the spring season and beyond and temperatures begin to rise, you will want to pay close attention to the outerwear you wear. Of course, you will want to wear something stylish, but you won’t want to overheat. Our Lightweight Hoodie and Pullover Crew sweatshirt offer the best of both worlds.

Tapered Jeans or Joggers

Now that you have the upper portion of your layered look figured out, you will want to focus on the pants you are going to wear. A solid pair of tapered jeans or joggers are perfect for pulling off the layered look. Tapered pants will keep your outfit looking slim and fitted while still providing an interesting touch that matches the vibe of the layered trend. Of course, the pair of pants you choose to wear may also depend upon what kicks you want to bust out of the closet.

White Sneakers - Air Force One, Stan Smith, Etc.

White sneakers are great at pairing with a variety of styles, and choosing to pair them with the layered look is no exception. Standout white sneakers like classic Air Force Ones or Stan Smiths offer the perfect silhouette to round out your layered fit. While Air Force Ones and Stan Smiths are more popular, of course other white sneakers will also get the job done. Most major sneaker manufacturers have their own classic white shoe that will pair with the layered look nicely.

Our Perfect Layered Look

Now that we have discussed the different elements of the layered look, let’s put it all together! If we were assembling our own layered look we would opt to pair our Drop Cut T-Shirt in White with our Pullover Crew in Smoke. For the lower portion of our outfit, we would rock a pair of black joggers matched with a pair of classic white Air Force Ones.