Fashion + Function + Family = Forward Thinking by Hot “Athluxury” Apparel Company

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Call it “flow,” call it “the zone,” call it “a runner’s high.” Whatever you call it, we’ve all experienced that rush when we become so thoroughly absorbed in an activity we experience a distinct sense of purpose and exhilaration. The feeling—the Champion Spirit—breeds strength and confidence; it’s the space where we want to live and thrive. It may not seem obvious, but wearing the right apparel can align you with the Champion Spirit. The up-and-coming luxury athletic apparel company, Leovici, channels the Champion Spirit to make you look your best and keep you in the zone.

In November 2019, Brent Wheatley set out to develop his own luxury sportswear brand. The former professional baseball player wanted to create more than just athletic gear; he wanted a clothing line that cultivated confidence for the wearer while redefining the upscale fashion space. The company’s core values go much deeper than fabric and thread. Wheatley meticulously chose the name of his company. “Leo” represents the lion—confident, strong, and built to lead. “Vici” is Latin for “I conquer.” Leovici clothing inspires individuals to relentlessly chase and conquer every life challenge by focusing on the Champion Spirit.

Wheatley coined the phrase “Athluxury” to describe the intersection between functional athletic gear and fashionable luxury wear, Leovici’s sweet spot. In the spirit of a Latin proverb by Erasmus, “Vestis verum facit,” meaning “clothes make the man,” Leovici knows when individuals look good, they feel good. When someone feels self-assured and comfortable in their own skin—or well-designed luxury clothes—their confidence increases along with the potential to earn success in all pursuits.

Wheatley grew up around the clothing industry and wanted to continue that tradition. “Fashion and athletics have always been a part of my family,” he explains. “Our roots in the fashion industry are three generations deep.” His grandfather served on the original board at Nike, and his dad was a co-owner of Travis Mathew, the golf apparel company.

Using the finest fabrics and sophisticated designs, the company showcases a variety of menswear made from premium materials in rich colors, versatile enough to wear anywhere. “Athluxury harnesses the comfort of sportswear while commanding the respect of designer clothing,” Wheatley explained. Leovici’s clothing isn’t mass-produced, hanging from a plastic hangar in every big-name store. The Athluxury concept provides boutique quality, feel, and service, with comfortable and stylish apparel lines produced in small batches.

The company also prioritizes employee and customer relations. Team members are treated like family, and customers always get more than expected with their purchases, including extra value items with every purchase and Christmas gifts for their top 15% of customers.

Leovici prides itself as an all-encompassing movement to bring quality and function together through collaboration, charity, and conscientiousness. The company regularly teams up with athletes and celebrities on charitable campaigns to produce purpose-driven clothing lines. Leovici’s unique relationships support many important causes while allowing consumers to purchase for a specific reason and cause. Leovici released a new line on November 15, 2022, in time for Black Friday in coordination with Clayton Echard from the television hit The Bachelor. Echard’s collection is an all-black ensemble with proceeds going to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention to spread awareness about mental health.

Headquartered in Orange County, the company’s offices will soon expand with a retail pop-up space, café, and, through a collaboration with Tesla, the largest supercharging station in California right in their parking lot. That type of bold, forward-thinking launched Wheatley into the world of Champion Spirit living, where the Athluxury concept was born. Imagine what wearing Leovici clothing could do for you.